And I’m Free, Free Falling…

“Sometimes some people enter your life and turn it upside down. You don’t realise what they are capable of doing to you until its too late. Then you only find yourself closing your eyes, clenching in their arms, breathing them, feeling them, living them. With every breath that you take they strip you out of your control little by little, teasing you, tantalising you, making you wince. You wish you don’t get too used to their touch, their breath, their sight, them. But you’re free falling and there is nothing you can do. So you take a deep breath and let them do what they want to do with you. You let them consume you in every way that they desire, only to consume them in every way that you desire. Some might say you are weak. Some might call it your submission. But you know you’ve found a new strength which tries not to be strong with control or power but instead tries to be strong by letting go of themselves and free fall.”


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