You know how there are some people who meant the world to you once upon a time, aren't in touch with you anymore or you aren't in touch with them?! Whatever the reason, fight or distance or ego or all of the three, you just aren't in touch with them! Until that one day, you … Continue reading Memories


Unrequited requirements

Their eyes longed the sight of each other. Their thoughts embraced with wildest pleasure. It was in expressions unexpressed that they spoke. Only the design of the power was left evoked. "You say you want me out because you can't see me with some other. How do I ask you to stay when I know … Continue reading Unrequited requirements

Stuprum? Succumb? Surrender?

"Hold me closer, kiss me harder, keep me longer, said she never. Yet every morning she woke with bruises anew. He quenched his ego on his wife's tantalising body yet again. She picked up the mop. Alas! Only the ground squirmed and felt her wrath." ...Say NO to marital rape.


"She didn't know how to express the feelings that she felt. They were unprecedented to her. However it was unfortunate that every heart that she wished to touch, to feel, she wrecked. The zephyr made the creepers of the curtain crawling up brush against her waist. She longed the feel of his hands on her. … Continue reading Time

Who Are You?

"When you become someone you aren't, you seldom realize it. But when you do realize you wait for someone to point it out only to say that they are wrong. But you know. You know exactly what the reason is. You know exactly what's wrong. What are you pretending for? Where are you as an … Continue reading Who Are You?

He, Her High…

"She used to smoke up only when she was happy. She loved how it used to elevate all her senses. He entered her life and just like that she quit smoking up. I don't know if that's a good thing or bad. But it definitely drew her out of her comfort zone."