Love at First Sight

Lady Marmalade and Duke were sitting by the fireplace in the old family cottage which needs renovation. Lady Marmalade is sitting on the sofa. Duke is sleeping while resting his wet nose on Lady Marmalade’s lap. There is a small candle lit chandelier hanging from the ceiling. Sir Penrose walks into the room.

Sir Penrose: That is interesting. You haven’t lit the chandelier all week.

Lady Marmalade: Is that all you noticed so far?

Sir Penrose: [Feeling defensive. Scoffs.] Well my dear, I just entered the house. You have a pretty dress on and did you do something new with your hair again?

Lady Marmalade: Ah! There you go with the readymade compliments. Can’t you for once not say something you read in your rich people books?

Sir Penrose: I guess it’s only fair since everything is written in the books these days. I bet even the conversation I am having with you right now is written somewhere. I bet you could find what you did the whole day written in a book. And if it were ever to be so, I would buy such a book at once!

Lady Marmalade: You are always with the words. Always. I was merely referring to the house. It could use a touch up, don’t you think?

Sir Penrose: Is that what women do all day? Sit at home and cook up new ways to spend the money of honest lads like myself.

Lady Marmalade: [Feeling defensive. Looks down. Shrugs her head.] That’s not what I meant. You misunderstand me.

Sir Penrose: Why don’t you go out and find a job. You could use that money to renovate my house. I mean our house. You stay here too now. Don’t you think you could do something for a change?

Lady Marmalade: I give you all the money I make! Why is it that men like you always find a way to make women like me feel small? What do you get out of it?

Sir Penrose: I give YOU all the money I make! Also, this month I spent some money fixing the car. We got tinted glass! Nobody will be able to see you when you ride with me now. That makes me very happy.

Lady Marmalade: I wish you didn’t feel entitled to talk to me however it pleased you. It pains me to see you have no regard for my feelings. Your uncontrollable spending is going to drive us to the edge of debt one day.

Sir Penrose: Oh Jane! Don’t be so dramatic. You knew very well what kind of a man you married. I don’t have time for this now. If you need anything just go to the supermarket down the hill and get it. Please spare me the stress of coming home and having to listen to you bicker. Why can’t you be more like Duke? Just sleep.

Duke barks.

Lady Marmalade: Fine.

Sir Penrose: I’ve eaten already. Come to bed now. Isn’t it the duty of faithful women like yourself to tend to her husband? Here, take this hair-tie.

Lady Marmalade: [Takes the hair-tie. Looks down. Raises her hands to tie her hair.] Will you never stop humiliating me like this?

Sir Penrose: Like how? Like the way I spoke to you in the living room? [Gets closer. Turns her around with her butt pressed against his dick. Kisses her neck. Talks into her ear softly.] You know how I am when I am roused by you. You have a fine mouth on yourself. I wish you put it to better use than to ask me to renovate this house that’s not mine entirely. Why would you ask me of such a thing if not to grab my attention? Why did you light the chandelier today if you… [Touches her silk panties.] Oh dear, you didn’t need a minute to get this wet for me did you?

Lady Marmalade: [Opens her mouth to say something.]

Sir Penrose: [Puts his index finger in her mouth.] There.

Lady Marmalade: [She closes her mouth and swirls her tongue in a trance around his unsanitised finger.]

Sir Penrose: Have you eaten anything yet?

Lady Marmalade: [Shakes her head no. He cups her chin with the other fingers. She is still sucking gently.]

Sir Penrose: I will not starve you. It’s unbecoming of me. [Takes his finger out and traces it down to her navel.] Oh look! It’s dry again.

Lady Marmalade: I don’t like the way you hypnotise me. Ah!

Sir Penrose: Oh! What did you say? I didn’t quite hear you. [Before she could say anything more he already found a new place to moisten his finger.]

Lady Marmalade: [Bites his ear to get some control of him. Traces it with her tongue when he grabs her ponytail to keep her in place.]

Sir Penrose: Do you like that? [Slaps her pussy, once, twice, thrice. Slides in two of his fingers then spreads and relaxes her clitoris from inside.]

Lady Marmalade: Please stop. Let me please you.

Sir Penrose: Oh no. I’ve only just begun. You will get your turn.

Lady Marmalade: [Turns around to kiss him.] Kisses his heart. Somebody should tell your mother how terrible you’ve become.

Sir Penrose: Will you do that now?

Lady Marmalade: I will the next time I meet her for tea. I will tell her you are insensitive and like to bend me by force. I will.

Sir Penrose: Bend you by force, she says.

Lady Marmalade: Bend me by force, yes.

Sir Penrose: I don’t have anymore time to waste for this dear. I will bend you but not by force. You would be surprised to know, that’s sexual assault.

Lady Marmalade: Oh preposterous! By who? [Bites his nipple then kisses it.]

Sir Penrose: That’s assault too. [Picks her up and spanks her butt.] I have to go now but you wait right here.

Lady Marmalade: Where are you going? No! [He drops her on the bed and pulls her panties down. Not completely. Just enough to expose her butt.]

Sir Penrose: That’s good. Stay like this until I come back.

Lady Marmalade: Don’t go.

Sir Penrose: [Comes back after half an hour.] Missed me?

Lady Marmalade: Every second. Ah!

Sir Penrose: [He slid his finger inside her butt and smelt it.]

Lady Marmalade: No! Don’t do that! You are nasty.

Sir Penrose: Turn around and sit straight.

Lady Marmalade: [She does.] I…

Sir Penrose: [Lifts her chin up.] Open your mouth. Don’t fret. I’m not putting myself in yet. [Feeds her a spoonful of fried rice.]

Lady Marmalade: [Speaks while chewing.] You didn’t eat either did you?

Sir Penrose: [Shakes his head no.]

Lady Marmalade: You liar! Why do you always go around making me feel bad?

Sir Penrose: [Eats a spoonful and mimics Lady Marmalade.] You liar! Why do you always go around making me feel bad?

Lady Marmalade: [Feels silly. Puffs her face and chews her food.]

Sir Penrose: [Feeds her some more and eats simultaneously. Leaves the rest of the food on the side table next to the window that overlooks the snow covered mountain.]

Lady Marmalade: But I am not done yet!

Sir Penrose: Here drink up now.

Lady Marmalade: [Looks dumbfounded but opens her mouth anyway.]

Sir Penrose: [Chuckles.] I meant drink some water. Here you go. [Hands her a glass.]

Lady Marmalade: [Takes a sip from the glass. Gets off the bed. Removes her panties and makes him sit on the bed.

Sir Penrose: [Makes her sit on his lap and hides his face in her supple breasts.] You calm me down my lady. You calm my nerves, you calm my anxiety, you soothe my soul. I don’t tell you enough how much I crave for you every minute I am away from you.

Lady Marmalade: [Lifts his head up and makes him drink some water from her mouth.] It’s been 12 years since we’ve been married and I still feel like a little child around you. Do you remember how anxious and stressed you were the first day we met because of the long journey you had? I found you the most adorable that day. The sun shone while the rain poured and the nice breeze on that long walk around the city. Do you remember that park? [Blushes.] You spoke to me of gods and monsters and we walked past that church with the dragons outside. That was the day I knew love at first sight does exist.

Sir Penrose: [Takes off her hair-tie and ruffles her hair.] You look much nicer wild. And look! Your panties and this hair-tie are the same colour. [Without giving her a second to react, he unzips his pants, takes out his dick and thrusts it inside her.] You will get your turn next time my lady. Now lie here. Relax.


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