Tap into Your Primitive Experience

Eric Neumann in his book “The Origins and History of Consciousness” wrote about a self-differentiating consciousness where the ego complex gains experience from associating itself with multiple differentiated contents.

An individual’s primitive experience is considered whole but is separated from the ego complex. This unconscious experience (for example, from your childhood) does not manifest or become a part of real-time conscious personal experience and hence cannot be remembered often (Neumann, 1954, p. 330).

Ganzfeld taps into the primitive experience through the lens of self-therapy. Your mental health status will be disclosed within you.

Self-differentiating consciousness makes you aware of the space-time compartments visualised by your mind.

Ego complex makes you aware of the complex cognitive categories within your consciousness.

Primitive experience – The creative or aesthetic part of the mind which is unblocked when theta brainwaves are activated in the brain. You may also experience enlightenment or euphoria here.

Ganzfeld Effect Therapy Toolkit



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