A Cup of Tea

Fascinating are people who know how to keep you reeling. It hardly matters if they know what they are doing. What matters is that this is happening to you. You could have known them for a couple of weeks or days or even hours. If you feel their energy racing through your spine, you cannot help but awaken the eyes of your mind. We are often so lost in the transience of life. A researcher then by occupation; a prank of the universe to exist. How does one know where to begin life and where to end it? All you know is that you have to survive.

If the Czech Ministry of Interior considers anyone who comes from a foreign country an alien, you know subconsciously you have been normalised. So breathe. It just might be that it’s okay to feel like you are an alien. It’s okay to stick to what you are doing. It’s okay to not know what to do next. As long as you take little steps to take care of yourself, you are in good hands, i.e. your own.

It was my first day at the university. There was nothing that frightened me more than having to hold a conversation with new faces. These were amiable faces though. Each of them came from a different part of the world. Their bodies were same as mine; two hands, two legs, one nose and you know how it goes. I immediately knew they weren’t aliens. I have never been too sure about anything but I was sure about this. 100%. If they personally felt like aliens is a story for another day. What I had problem grasping was if it was real at all. And how quickly we would be able to adapt to our new home, Prague.

The wind was rushing, making trees rain on an autumn evening. I sat on the last bench knowing nobody would notice me there. In the seat in front of me, Nicole, a petite French girl sat next to Abu Bakhar, a boy from Israel. He greeted her with a nice warm smile. As though saying that he is grateful she noticed him. The class was rather small in size. It gave everybody enough space to willingly want to get to know one another. And so we did! Micheal rounded everyone who was interested to grab a beer at the pub on the next block. The whole class walked together and we made sure nobody gets left behind because a cup of tea in Prague is equal to a mug of beer. 🙂


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