Mental Health Cubic Jar

Raising mental health = donating blood.

We are not forgetting our mental health per say. We are forgetting ourselves. There are a number of variables that we tackle everyday. We are indirectly battling negative mentality and inducing positive mindset. Everyday.

Speak to me securely at our VIRTUAL CLINIC. We raise awareness freely. Get your first 15 minutes session and email therapy for free.

For you, me & everybody, there is one thing in common. We all are trying to keep our goals in check and our cubic jars half full and half empty, i.e. balanced while the world shifts online and reserves itself homewards. We are all coping one way or another. While we do that we need to feel comfortable under our own skin.

There are plenty of therapies out there but very few self-help toolkits.

There are plenty of psychologists out there but very few who are able to direct you in the direction you choose best for you.

Essentially therapies are longer and toolkits fulfill an aim in a shorter period of time. Toolkits are scientifically based and standarised. Therapies on the other hand keep a longitudinal tab on your mental health and have a fixed goal. Toolkits are universal. You can use the same toolkit to achieve multiple goals.

Things to think about the next time you go for hourly sessions or use a self-therapy toolkit:

  1. Is this working out for me?
  2. Which direction am I growing?
  3. What more can I do to support my mental health?
  4. What is the direction I am taking at this point of time?
  5. What exactly is making me angry?
  6. Would this make my therapist cry?
  7. Why am I tired?
  8. Is my self-criticism too much?
  9. What to do to not lose energy?
  10. How to gain energy?

You can use deep relaxation to answer your questions and also use our toolkits.
I personally recommend the Ganzfeld Effect Toolkit.

Write to me at to inquire how you can contribute to your self-growth and healing. We are trying to bring free therapy around.

Remember: Raising mental health awareness = donating blood.

Find out how writing your Wellness & Health Journey can answer the above questions. Support the physical symptoms of your disturbed mental health such as weight loss, weight gain, increased heart rate, heart health, diabetes, shortness of breath, decreased mood and other symptoms that threaten your stability.

A common dialogue therapists use is “stay with the feeling”.

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We provide support for • Anxiety • Depression • Bi-Polar • Relationship Issues • Grief / Loss • Substance Abuse • Separation / Divorce • Impulsivity • Parenting • Behavioural Problems • PTSD • Self Injury • Emotional / Sexual Abuse • Domestic Violence • ADHD • OCD • Autism Spectrum • Chronic Illness • School Issues • Trauma Recovery • Failure to Launch • Men’s Issues • Women’s Issues • Spiritual Difficulties • Anger Management • Family Reunification • Gambling • Addictions • Borderline Personality Disorder •

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