Dust in My Wind

I was with you
holding you,
starring at the nebula
in your golden brown eyes,
disintegrated bright hues,
whirling in storms of luminous flares,
my fingers entwined,
in your stubble of madness
while you made poetry on my skin,
the rays,
the number of sunrises you traced,
the number of sunsets you awaked
with your kisses.

Words can’t describe what words fill,
nebulous array of galaxies
created with your breath,
giving me goosebumps,
making grapefruits dance
inside, with laughter…

I can feel your tender rawness,
crawl in,
with ease,
while I hold you inside;
reminisce for when
I am not around.
You only satiate me,
to bring back the sun
on my skin
while you,
come close to the light,
the mountains and valleys,
find labyrinths in the rivers
to keep me and,
not melt you;

Don’t worry dear,
the sun is still shining bright.

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