An Ode to My Penis

That submarine stuck to that octopus,
wide eyed and parched mouth.
You squid, slid and mocked, Cuss!
they always said you had a brain
of your own to begin
yet, the crabs held onto you,
begged you to keep it through.
the church bells rang
You grew up in their hands.
loving you was in black and white veils planned.
Gainful virginals,
Handful arsenals,
forced my hands to caress
their unzipped skins.
You knew what you could do to them,
in them,
around them.
tap them and disarm them,
you liked your effect, you pulled through
the storm in you was turned around
when He walked with me,
his snow-white long garment on
I asked him if he could help me
touching my lips, shushed me
His trace made rivers flow in my shoulders,
affirmed me, by holding you
pulled your coat back till it hurt you
the octopus held on tightly.

She ruffled her hair and entered the forlorn abbey
watching, the Pendulums edifice,
you drifting closer to his,
but She was not tremulous.
She held both of you,
kissed your faces new
drawn in your light,
the zephyr of the night,
rubbed gently.
you were Her volcano,
erupting in Her fire.
you drew circles of rain on Her naked thighs.
The submarine blinded by your octopus.
You made cherry blossoms swoon in her apricot.
She wasn’t done with either of you though.
She squid, slid and mocked us.
pulled the coats till it hurt us.
wrapped you up in his mouth,
held Him tight in Her bounds.
your erected face pleased Her
for all the times She was stir.

Craving you, satiating you,
His hands found your behind,
His tongue was swirling
Tick-Tock clock oozing
My fingers swooning,
I held his head tight.

She wouldn’t let me off easy,
pinned my hand above, divisi
smirks on His face, kissed my mouth
testosterone drew Her
I traced the valley on Her back,
tantalizing, cupped Her in one hand
the other slid in skirr
He traced down my sweat,
stroked you, caressed you.

I still watch him with closed eyes,
feel him make crescent moons,
on my neck with his breath.
Yes, time does fly.


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