An Ode to My Vagina

Semen and sheesha, sea men were drawn Into your fire the coal burnt them all. You let them exploit your anatomy before you understood your own but you didn't tell me the ways you felt, about the ways the ashes fell. No, I made you believe how it was you exploiting Rejoicing in the veils … Continue reading An Ode to My Vagina


I’m Racist and I’m Not Sorry.

The skies were filled with the clouds of racism when the students of Christ University, Bannerghetta Road campus decided to hold a protest against Hemanth Kumar, a local landlord and lawyer. Why? Higio Guntey, a second year student from Arunachal Pradesh is your answer. Ever since I heard Higio's story, I kept wondering what must … Continue reading I’m Racist and I’m Not Sorry.