Airport Romance – An Unfinished Tale of a Dramatist’s Distressed Love Story

It’s funny when you plan it all out hoping everything will definitely go right. Waiting. Just waiting for a sight. Hoping. Just hoping for him to come find you. It’s 10:20 pm now. I can’t help but be hopeful. So dramatic that I rolled my eyes. I’m waiting for a shadow to appear. Looking around every now and then. Wishing that time stops. It honestly would be a really good time for time to stop. Right about… NOW! I’m missing mommy and daddy. But we are a family who plays it cool. They can’t show, won’t show weakness kind of family so I’m not missing them. I really miss them though. Does he even remember? Would he suddenly have an epiphany to look for my flight on that ever changing digital board that practically knows everybody’s flight details. Customer care? Did he even reach the airport yet? Or has he given up hope? A part of me has given up hope. You know what they say, “A true love story is only complete when you get your airport romance.” My airport romance is going to be left incomplete. An hour and a half left for his flight. A half left for mine. I would like to find a mean time but calculations don’t add up. I’ve always been a disaster at math. I’ve also been a disastrous romantic. I believe the literatures have influenced me a little too much or maybe it’s just Nikita (For those of you who don’t know, Nikita is a hopeless romantic dearie of mine). Airport romances don’t happen. 15 minutes on the clock. I think it would be a really good time to stop waiting. I should end this here immediately. He’s not going to find me. He’s not going to come. Period. Mr.”I’ve got an early check-in” probably just reached the airport. “You are waiting for someone?” asked the nice lady dressed in turquoise and dark blue with a nice dark blue hat and her hair in a bun. “I’m just waiting for a friend.” I replied, trying to muster up a smile. She smiled with empathy asking me to get in the gate as we were going to be boarding soon. She smiled the kind of smile that said, “Its okay. He’ll come around.” Or I just thought it because it fit right with my unfinished story of a distressed romance. I sat close to the gate. You know, so I could spring up the moment I see a 6 feet 2 inch shadow of a giant walk through frantically looking for me because you know long distance love story and all of those other kinds of “Oh! So distressed. Woe is me!” kind of shenanigans. But obviously I saw only the exit gate to the bus open on the opposite side and nothing more. I’m not going to bore you with details about how beautiful the sky looked. If you must know it was a star studded clear night sky. I had given up hope until… I saw this lil giant man walk into the corridor sweating 5 minutes before I was supposed to board the bus to the airplane. And I sprung up the moment I saw the 6 feet 2 inch shadow of my giant walk through frantically looking for me because you know long distance love story and all of those other kinds of “Oh! So distressed. Woe is me!” kind of shenanigans. I obviously had to truly passionately deeply rush to him, my face buried in his neck because this is the epitome of a dramatic distressed love story or so it was in my head. The giant had his eyes locked on the open gate and didn’t realise what bumped into him until… he realised. I tried very hard to control my tears. I tried. While he didn’t try at all to control that big smirk on his face.

“I hate you so much! I hate you so much! I hate you so much.”
“I’ve been walking around looking for you in the entire airport, you can ask anybody.”
“How stupid are you? I sent you my flight ticket! Why didn’t you try and locate my flight on the digital schedule thingy? I waited so long outside The Irish House.”
“I sat in there waiting and finished 8 cigarettes. I didn’t know which flight you were on. Nikita has been of a lot of help. She kept telling me about the flights which were taking off.”
“You’re so stupid. Oh my god!”
“I told you I’d find you.”
“I hate you. I hate you so much.”
I uttered those words so passionately and convincingly only to find myself in his arms for the last time while our lips found each other’s. I knew it was time. We had to let go. Until an inevitable amount of time I wasn’t going to see him. A part of me knew I couldn’t get too used to him in these 20 days. A part of me unfortunately did. I think I kissed some of the salt on his skin as well. Distressed love stories I tell you! So dramatic. Never waited for a man so much. Never. Never fell in love so deep either. Never. It’s 11:55 pm. He is probably boarding his flight now. Until next time my love, until next time. Somewhere in the distant future I’m definitely going to stumble upon you. I’m hopeful.


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