Muse to Music

“Your guitar in your hand, my smile singing along with your music in my head. Those nights were ours to own. Those nights were ours. Those nights. Now I reel on every shimmer of your music. Knowing that there was something meant to be. Knowing that we are never meant to be. It’s funny when I hear those songs around. While you associated them to every other person around you, I associated them to no one but you.
“I miss your laugh and your ever present smile.”
“You were a huge reason for that smile.”
“Then come here and get that smile back.”
I’d call you sly, smooth and manipulative but your touch on my skin would say the same to me. You took a part of me and kept it. But I guess people fall in love in mysterious ways. I’d never understand what you are to me but people like us, we don’t need much just someone that starts the spark in our bonfire hearts.”


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