“You know how there are some people who meant the world to you once upon a time, aren’t in touch with you anymore or you aren’t in touch with them?! Whatever the reason, fight or distance or ego or all of the three, you just aren’t in touch with them! Until that one day, you sit down in your solitude with your lonely mind and you ponder. You ponder over everything. So a little part of your pondering brain stumbles upon the memory of that person. You realise that you don’t really miss that person. You remember them. You remember those moments when you would know every little detail about the person. From the time they woke up to the time they went to bed (sometimes even when they would go take a poop), you’d know it all. But now you are at that point where you can’t remember to miss them. But they are still ever so significant as they always were. You wonder if some revolution would take place for that person to take a step and actually do something significant for you. For all those long lost times. Does that person remember to miss you?
I don’t think I’d like to call it ego. I’d rather call it helplessness of the lack of fruitfulness. It is like that plant you reaped. Every day you water it, hoping to get some fruit. And that one fine day you finally get a fruit but it turns out to be sour. Yet, its dear to you because it’s your fruit from your plant. So you go back and do the same thing all over again. This time only to realise that there is a worm in the fruit. And you go back again. Every time, you have an excuse ready for it. Your fruit. Until the day you don’t and you tell yourself that it was just not the right time to grow the plant so you let it be. New season, new plant maybe? Yet, you never are going to stop making excuses for your beloved plant.”


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