Erratically Concerted

I know you’ll love me harder,
I know you’ll hold me longer,
But you’d go home to her,
While I’m here left all alone.

You say you can’t ignore her,
But do you really want her?
But do you really need her?
You say you don’t know.

I’ll wait a little longer,
I’ll love a little harder,
Until the day you leave me,
And say you don’t need me.

You pity her, You want her,
You reel on the way she wants you,
She loves you.
She really really loves you.
You want to stop thinking about her.
You cannot stop thinking around her.

You sympathise.
You empathise.
You bastard!
You cow shit!
You reel on the way I want you,
I love you.
I really really love you.
That smirk makes me hate you.
I hate you.
I really really hate you.
But I’ll lie here with you dear,
Get your member swooning in fleer.
‘Cause I hate you, I hate you.
I really darling hate you.

I’ll kill you, I’ll kill you,
Until then, I’ll caress you.
Between my bosom,
Smother and entice you.
I’ll slice you up and fry you,
‘Cause I cannot live without you,
That you never shouldn’t know.

Your lust, your craving,
The way you satiating,
The way you misbehaving,
I’m yours, I’m yours.
My body can’t stop craving.

My arms want to hold you,
My eyes want to see you,
Igniting my insecurity.
Fighting your obscurity.

You pound me, you hound me,
You drive your ego in me,
I hate you, I hate you,
I’ll really really kill you.

But until then I’ll lie here,
Wait to be owned by yours dear.
I’ll forgive you, I’ll forgive you,
Until when is my issue.
But you need me, you need me,
You really really need me.

I trust you, I lust you,
In me I will rest you.
You’re distorted, erotic,
Your cacophony resorted.

I’ll kiss you, I’ll miss you,
I’ll lie here, not make an issue.
You kiss me, caress me,
You hurt me the way you like me.
Your intensity ignited,
My tensity is smited.
You turn me, you hit me,
Abuse me like you miss me.

You kiss it, you hit it.
Caress it, you miss it.
I lie dear, I pray dear,
You’ll really really pay dear.
I’ll lie here the day dear,
I drive a dagger through dear.


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