Who Are You?

“When you become someone you aren’t, you seldom realize it. But when you do realize you wait for someone to point it out only to say that they are wrong. But you know. You know exactly what the reason is. You know exactly what’s wrong. What are you pretending for? Where are you as an individual in your own game? Sometimes when you get dragged down into other people’s lives or they into yours, you forget where you are, where you stand. People start talking to you because you care to listen but who listens to you? Probably we all say that we wish someone understood us but how many of us actually let the other person have a 360 degree view of ourselves? The tension rises when people ask you what is up with you after you point it out. The problem rises then because you have nothing to say. You don’t want anybody’s pity or want to give yourself away. For the simple reason that you can’t. You want someone who fits into your wavelength and finds you on a middle ground without having to say anything. And how many of us are lucky to find that? Unfortunately, not too many. We are either playing the part of someone’s shrink or are waiting for someone to be ours. We are isolated in our own minds where we reel in this illusion of ‘finding a connection’.”


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