What’s Love? Gotta do it… gotta do it…

“Love is such a funny word. I mean how do you know that what you mean by love is the same thing that the other person interprets it to be? Like can you define “love”? Its just a feeling! Now what does this feeling feel? What does it do? There are so many different types of love; love of a mother for her child, love of a father, love of siblings, love of a best friend, love of a lover and what not, even the bond with an animal or  that alleviating breeze of nature (your love towards your phone could also be counted as something). Everyone forms this bond of “love”. Nonetheless I doubt if anybody actually has a proper definition for love. It is so diverse and has a different feeling evoked with every individual you come across. How do you differentiate between love and affection? What your brain term as love, you can only assume that it means the same to the other person’s brain or perhaps heart. Could it possibly be defined? Everybody has different experiences and maybe when you find a person with whom your experiences connect, you form this magical bond that consumes you and alleviates you and it is perhaps this divine bond that you call love! It is indeed a beautiful feeling.”

To the little child that once didn’t know if she could ever feel it or perhaps was incapable of feeling it.


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