Prenatal Depression

“A healthy baby is best raised by a healthy mother. A stable husband is the best support for a pregnant wife.”

During prenatal period, depression and the feeling of nothingness isn’t easy to let go but it is easier for nothingness to consume you. Being aware of what you have to do isn’t always enough. Sometimes you just create your nothingness and maybe you are aware of the fact that you have to break through and find your light, but that cognition isn’t always enough to give rise to your determination.

You get yourself tangled in a self-created paradox. You let nothingness fill in your void. The magnifications of your problems only and only makes you reel in torment and anguish. They tantalise and torment you. You want to move forward but you don’t clearly let yourself do that, maybe subconsciously. But why do you still choose to let yourself be a part of it? Maybe that is the only thing that gives you an illusion that the void doesn’t exist or maybe because you need someone to pick you up, so you can brush yourself off. Doing it for yourself doesn’t always feel worth it. Your hopes, dreams, aspirations, your baby puts you in a trance but on the other hand, your feelings of emptiness, not being good enough as a mother, societal pressures have a trance of their own. It keeps you reeling. You are stuck between trances. One which is filled with all the things that you aspire and the other that is just ‘nothing’ but leaves you with an illusion of tomorrow. There isn’t denial specifically but getting away from your feelings helps you escape. Your moments make you happy – happiness at its peak.

At the end of the day, you are back to square one, you are back to where you started. The ‘oomph’ is gone. There are just old thoughts, blocked feelings which will manifest at some point or the other. How do you get yourself out of this prison that is bound by nothing but your walls of thin air?

Well when there is nothing, there isn’t anything to break, there isn’t anything to build. There are just so many “maybes” and “what ifs”. If everybody had the answer to everything and everybody knew everything, what would make us curious? What would drive us crazy? What would we fuss about? It is this agitation that keeps bringing us back? Doesn’t it? Everybody likes to escape something at some point. Wouldn’t life be just so boring otherwise? You could however always give yourself your own closure, channel your energy. Unless you channel your inner light and bring it to the surface, life isn’t going to reflect and brighten your path. You probably will always be stuck in your own loop. Recognise and resolve your complex thoughts with Whj Online Therapy.

Unless you find Dormammu to bargain with…


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