Ashes! Ashes! They All Fall Down.

Why do people do what they do in life? Some take the time out of their busy lives to idle away time and some do things to find a connection. Some constantly keep themselves busy and some just love a lazy day to sleep and ponder. So there I was sleeping and pondering and dreaming and walking and thinking to myself, “What am I doing? Why am I giving in to the illusion that I am doing something with my life? Why am I basking in the stories of a long lost day?” After all that pondering and conveniently not reaching a conclusion, I picked my vulnerability up and started writing. Loved what it made me feel. Hated what it did to me. And one fine day they were all burnt to ashes. So here I am clenched up and wincing, not conveniently deceiving myself, still pondering into the insights of a bored mind…


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