Erratically Concerted

I know you'll love me harder, I know you'll hold me longer, But you'd go home to her, While I'm here left all alone. You say you can't ignore her, But do you really want her? But do you really need her? You say you don't know. I'll wait a little longer, I'll love a … Continue reading Erratically Concerted


Stuprum? Succumb? Surrender?

"Hold me closer, kiss me harder, keep me longer, said she never. Yet every morning she woke with bruises anew. He quenched his ego on his wife's tantalising body yet again. She picked up the mop. Alas! Only the ground squirmed and felt her wrath." ...Say NO to marital rape.


"She didn't know how to express the feelings that she felt. They were unprecedented to her. However it was unfortunate that every heart that she wished to touch, to feel, she wrecked. The zephyr made the creepers of the curtain crawling up brush against her waist. She longed the feel of his hands on her. … Continue reading Time